Nasty C’s Juice Back Remix Makes It To Number 1 In West Africa

Nasty C released the Price City mixtape last year on the tenth of February and his life has totally changed since then. We have seen the biggest acts in the country and on the continent tweeting about the young rapper.

davido nasty

The star was directing his own music videos and was surprised when Davido tweeted him about his single at the time titled Juice Back which was the rappers claim to fame. Juice Back became a huge record in the country but the remix would change his life.

Davido hit up Nasty C and told him he was interested in being on the remix which ended up having Davido and Cassper. The record is big in the South but is clear a hit in the West as it is on Number on on MTV Base West!

Number 1:

Nasty C number1

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