“Theres still niggas who think banging every girl is cool!?” Asks Emtee

There’s a prejudice towards rappers about how they all have several different girlfriends. Being a public figure comes with having a lot of attractive people of the opposite sex wanting to have a physical relationship with you.

emtee and baby mama

This is something most public figures find a hard time dealing with and worse off rappers because of the places the job needs you to be. There are a lot of single rappers because they find themselves in a place where it’s hard for them to find a decent girl.

Surprisingly the Roll Up hitmaker EmteeĀ is not one of those guys. EmteeĀ has a family which he adores and is not interested in having different partners! Emtee actually frowns on the concept of banging several girls and is amazed by those who think it’s cool! “Theres still niggas who think banging every girl is cool!?” asked Emtee.

niggas who think banging every girl is cool:

EmteeSA sex

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