“Drake & Meek Mill Don’t Have Real Problems,” Says French Montana

French Montana feels that Drake and Meek Mill don’t have “real problems.” Despite the number of disses that have been exchanged between rappers Drake and Meek Mill,French Montana recently shared his belief that the two don’t have “real problems.” The Morocco-born rapper offered his thoughts on the feud, during an appearance on “Larry King Now.”


French compared Meek and Drake’s feud to sparring, and pointed out the fact that no one has been harmed as a result of the beef.  “I feel like with this situation, it’s different,” French Montana said. “But at the end of the day, I don’t feel like they have real problems. I feel like it’s just a sport. It’s a sport, so it’s like competition…Sometimes you spar with somebody. That’s what that is. Cause ain’t nobody get hurt. Nothing happens. So, I feel like it’s just part of the game. It brings excitement to the game.”

Nearly 10 months after Meek declared that Drake “don’t write his own raps,” disses are still being exchanged in the feud between the two wordsmiths. During an appearance at Libertine in London last month, Drake performed an altered version of the Meek Mill diss, “Back To Back,” and rapped: “That nigga still ain’t did shit about the other one.”

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