Chad Da Don Drops His Album Art And Tells Us What To Expect From The Album

Chad Da Don has been grinding for a hot minute and it’s exciting to know that we will have the homies debut albums in our whips and phones. With everyday that passes we are getting closer to the release of The Book Of Chad and we can’t wait to hear the work.

Chad Da Don album art

Chad Da Don will be dropping a new single before the album comes and it is titled iVibe. We saw a clip of the rapper playing the music to the fans and they were feeling the ‘iVibe’ vibe. We asked Chad what we can expect from the album and he said:

“My entire life’s journey – through trial and tribulation has inspired this album.  Seeing your mom get beaten up and financial pressures gives you a story to tell that most can relate too, a fight for survival” he said.  “You can expect to hear the brutal truth about what it was to grow up in my home, and also how I fought to overcome those demons” Cad Da Don explained.

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