Jabba Shares His Disappointment With #BRS In Mafikeng

Jabba has been disappointed by #BRS in Mafikeng because they don’t want to split the funds. Jabba has been in the game for a while now and it’s clear that the big homie has used his talent to raise money for several good causes but his most recent one left him disappointed.


“It is with great disappointment that I announce that the ‘Administration’ of #BRS in Mafikeng are still disputing giving the entire R12.5k raised at the #BBP_ManifestoLaunch to the students of #NWUFund. They still want to split it amongst stakeholders,” said Jabba. HHP settled the argument and told them to keep the 12.5k.

“I needed money for my kid’s school fees from this show, but all I got from the gig was 400 bucks, two sleeping rooms, four platters of food, two bottles of alcohol, two long toms of blue label, a six pack of water and a 20pack ya Cotleigh,” explained a disappointed HHP. Jabba apologized to the fund and will continue helping them raise the funds forĀ #ProjectSavingMafikeng.

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