SA Rappers Who Got Killed On Their Own Song Part 3

Even the biggest SA rappers get killed on their own songs. It’s one thing to invite someone to do a collaboration with you and the collaboration does well it’s another thing when people ask whose song it is because the person you invited to feature did a better job on the song than you did.

Well the reason behind collaborations is to kill it right? We’ve compiled a list of 10 collaborations we though were really great but the featuring artist/s just killed it better than the initial “owner” of the song.

AKA emtee burna

1. Emtee got killed by AKA on the Roll Up ReUp

Emtee is a great artist and his verse on the Roll Up ReUp was hot. It’s just unfortunate that the Supa Mega always goes hard and that verse is arguably one of the best verses from 2015 simply because he incorporated the melody so well in his quotable lines.

2. AKA got killed by Khuli on Baddest

Baddest was one of the biggest hits released in 2015 and continues to flourish in 2016 because of it’s timeless nature. Every verse on the record was perfect but in my opinion Khuli Chana’s verse stood out most because of the bounce that came with it.

3. Cassper and Anatii got killed by Nasty C on Jump

Jump is a record for the club, parties and anywhere people are having the time of their lives. Nobody was sleeping on that record but Nasty C’s verse just goes in and what makes it amazing is the fact that he managed to keep his content while keeping the fun element in his verse.

4. Da LES got killed by Ma-E on 6am

Da LES is one rapper who knows how to be himself even when he is on a track with the greats. Being a young OG himself, LES held it down on 6am but Maeezydoesit came with that juice and he was not playing games at all. His verse just made the song seem like his own.

5. Ma-E got killed by AKA on Lie 2 Me

It’s crazy how Ma-E killed LES on the 6am but his getting slayed by the Supa Mega on his own record titled Lie 2 Me. Some might argue that Ma-E came with the flow and vernac excellence but it’s clear that AKA stayed on topic throughout the verse which is a quality not every rapper has.

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