Nasty C’s Bad Hair Album Review

Nasty C’s Bad Hair Album Review. Nasty C released his debut album last week Friday and it has been received well by the masses. After listening to the project we realized it was only right we put out a review for the fans:


1.Inspiration (Intro)

The intro of the album is an extract from an interview Cassper Nyovest did backstage of the Extra Cold show which Nastu C was an opening act for J.Cole. Cassper opens up about Nasty is the reason why he has been rapping hard because he inspires him so much.

2. Please (Interlude)

If you listened to Price City, you will know that Nasty C spent most of his life fighting for this dream and even though he has made it as a rapper, people are still telling him things that he can’t do. The 19-year-old rapper is not interested in limits and he makes it clear on this interlude.

3. Check (ft Erick Rush)

Check that focuses on the life that Nasty C is living and he talks about his reality against what the reality of most rappers/ people. The rappers showcase so much skill on this record, but what impressed me the most is the way the executed such a simplistic beat in a way which makes the beat seem more complex than it is. Basically they used their voices as instruments while spitting dope bars.

3. I Lie (ft Tshego)

I Lie is a record about a girl that the homie is smashing but he is not really trying to cuff her. As the song progresses Nasty paints a perfect picture of how the girl is his side piece. We assume his main chick is his hustle.

4. Don’t Do It (ft Tellaman)

This song shows proves that this kid is only a teenager in terms of his age but mentally he is far ahead that a lot of old folk. His talking about how the drugs are better from the outside and he advises people not to do drugs and the vices life offers.

5.  Squad Goals

This has been named the best track on the album by a lot of people because of the relatability. The record is very sonically pleasing, from the vibe set by the beat and the melodies layered on it by both instruments and his voice. The flows are also very diverse and he just talks about he has the best squad.

6. Overload (ft Tellaman)

Overload is a song directed at a female whose father doesn’t like the fact that she is dating Nasty C. The rapper has good intentions on this one, he plans on being with this girl till the wheels fall off but for now they are headed to the club.

7. Problems (ft Erick Rush)

Problems is one of my favorite records on the album because we really hear the young homie’s truths. He talks about why smokes and  how he has problems that he can’t maintain while he is sober minded. Nasty C paints a perfect picture of how some of the dope stuff that come with fame have some negatives.

8. Pressure

Is a song that feels like a continuation of Problems because he talks about how the people around him are telling that his smoking habit is bad because he might be smoking a bit too much. The great thing about everything is he says he doesn’t feel the pressure and he is not stressing.

9. A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born is a track aimed at his father because for the longest time the rapper was not in good books with him because picked rap over schooling so he can be a doctor. The record features Omari and Riky. Omari laced a chorus at the end of the record and he is speaking as Nasty C’s dad speaking to his deceased mother.

10. Good Girls

This might just be the record that had Nasty releasing the album for free because the sample is very familiar. On this record he paints a picture of how guys of this generation look at females. He speaks about the good girls on the first verse and then opened up how he also loves bad bitch*s.

11. Hell Naw

This record is undoubtedly one of the best records to be released in 2o16 and remains one of the best records on this album. The vibe is just amazing, the flows and how he uses his voice as an instrument is impeccable.

12. Forget (Erick Rush)

This is one wavy record and he is talking to his mom who he lost at a very young age. The rapper talks about how he thinks about his mom a lot and how she stays on his mind. He pours liquor and rolls one just to forget that it all hurts.

13. 25 (ft Tellaman)

This record is the radio hit and he really did well on the song which he builds and plays the whole concept around ’25.’ This song really reminds me of Jason Derulo’s Wiggle and the verse by Tellaman does not help as well. this is most likely going to be a bit hit.

14. Vent

This is a well composed record. the rapper paints a vivid image of his life riight now and how he hustles real hard to get the nicer things. He also talks about how he has made his people proud. This really sounds like the outro.

15. Phases

This is my favorite song on the album where the Jiggy Jigga showcases his diversity and makes it clear why people must stop trying to box him. The record is about how he is going through these phases while he is blazing.

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