Check Out Maraza, Rouge & Priddy Uggly On The MTV Base Cypher

Check Out Maraza, Rouge & Priddy Uggly On The MTV Base Cypher. Oh man, it’s that time of the year again when MTV Base is getting ready to announce their top 10 SA Hip Hop MC’s of the year list and we all know it’s always hella controversial because an artist somewhere feels like they should have been higher on the list.


So before the list is announced, MTV Base picks out rappers they feel got hot bars and get them on a cipher. They have several instalments every year and the first one has some super hot verses from all three MC’s which is reflective of where SA Hip Hop is.

The first instalment of the ciphers is opened up by Maraza who delivers and impressive verse where he encorporates all literary devices then followed by Rouge who literally owned the cipher with an impressive flow and bars and then Priddy Ugly goes last with some super dope bars but his delivery and presence might have let him down a bit. Overally this is one of the best MTV cipher of all time.

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