Interview With ‘Ayeye’ Producer PsykoBeats

Interview With ‘Ayeye’ Producer Psyko Beats who has been cooking beats for just 3 years but has managed to make songs for the biggest artists. Psyko had been producing for 6 months when he got his first number 2 record on Yfm which is something that takes years for most producers


How does it feel to have a record all over TV bruh?

To be honest I don’t know. Like I hardly watch Tv but like the first days when the video came out my family would call me & be like we saw your production on tv seems like they more excited than I am.

Did you think you would have a production on TV this soon though?

Nah not at all, but now that it happened I want more. I just wanna switch on my tv & see nothing but me.

When did you start making beats?

I started making beats in April 2013 & ever since then I never looked back.

3 years and you producing for the biggest?

3 years is long fam. If a baby can be born in 9 months imagine what you can do in 3 years. It’s 3 years of nothing but hard, sweet & sleepless nights. When I started making, beats 6 months down the line I had a number 2 record on YFM on Siz & Scoop show.

Do you think producers get enough recognition in the SA industry?

Not at all. Everyday we fighting for our credits, money & media attention. The music organizations in South Africa don’t respect composers. We are not invited to the Award ceremonies. A song you produced can literary win an award & you won’t have anything to show for it. In other countries, they sort of give you a medal, trophy or certificate but in South Africa it’s almost like F*ck you. Go get a 9 – 5 at Shoprite.

I feel you, do you think producers branding themselves more could help?

Definitely, the music business is all about branding & associations. I always look at myself as a walking business & music is a platform to get my product out there. If you know what I mean. Kinda hard to explain but the smart ones will get it.


Who are your top 5 producers in SA?

1. Psykobeats S/o to him his one awesome dude.

2. Gemini Major be killing production right now.

3. Mr Kamera his slaying.

4. Mwakwa 6eats

5. Ruff. Oooh Oooh oooh Mashbeats I see you too.

What are the top 5 SA Hip Hop records on your playlist right now?

1. Mayo by DJ Speedsta

2. Phases by Nasty C

3. Don’t Do it by Nasty C

4. Pressure by Nasty C

5. Swaggaphobia by Ginger Trill

What advice would you give a producer looking to be in your position one day?

Don’t only know God when you broke. Hit him up when all is good as well so that he knows it’s real otherwise. Humble yourself before the Lord & he will lift you up.

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