J cole’s Best Rap Quotes Of All The Time

The list compile J Cole’s best rap quotes of all the time. The Rock Nation rapper has already made it clear of his arrival in the hip hop game. Cole has proved himself to be an elite MC—as capable of chest-thumping battle raps or gut-wrenching stories of struggle. Here, we take a look back at his already impressively deep catalog (three albums, two EPs, three mixtapes, and several standalone tracks and guest verses), to select his best verses. With his consistently top-notch skills, it wasn’t an easy task. Check out his best lyrical quotes below:


Here are the Rap Quotes from the Forest Hill Drive Rapper,

“Blacks always broke cause we don’t know money/

Spend it before we get it and could never hold money/

No wallets, nah, nigga we’d rather fold money/

Money control niggas, white man control money.”

“Mo Money Interlude”


“I grew up with nothing,

it hurt me to see my mother poor/

The only pops a nigga ever seen around was Huxtable.”



“If I follow my heart to save myself/

Could I run away from 50 mill like Dave Chappelle?”

“Runaway” (2nd Verse)


“Right now my mind elsewhere/

My Mom’s healthcare, get her out this hell here.”

“I Get Up” (1st Verse)


To all the women with the flaws, know it’s hard my darling

You wonder why you’re lonely and your man’s not calling

You keep falling victim cause you’re insecure

And when I tell you that you’re beautiful you can’t be sure

Cause he don’t seem to want you back and it’s got you asking

So all you see is what you lacking, not what you packing

Take it from a man that loves what you got

And baby girl you’re a star, don’t let ’em tell you you’re not

Now is it real?

-Croocked smile


“What they taught us? Man, them bad bitches only want the ballers/

The starters, we hooping now the hoes wanna guard us.”

“Grown Simba” (3rd Verse)


Keep grindin’ boy,

your life can change in one year,

And even when it’s dark out,

the sun is shining somewhere,

-Premeditated murder

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