Top 5 influential rappers of all the Time

Here we have compiled a list of top 5 influential rappers of all the time. Looking at their colossal contribution to the art form through their storytelling ability, techniques, impact and their personality. These lists includes the rapper’s rapper who even today continues to inspire the younger generation through their talents, impact and personality. We pay homage to B.I.G, Pac, Eminem, Nas and Jay Z. these days every kid in any block around the world claims to be Jay, or Pac. Check out the top 5 list of influential rappers of all the time.

1. 2 Pac


There isn’t a single rapper who the late Tupac Shakur hasn’t influenced.  2Pac is still one of the most brutally honest and undoubtedly human rappers of all time. His contradictions and personality have been studied and emulated by some of the greats, and laid a foundation for everyone to walk on. The way how big he is, even his death is still question today. Not only 2Pac was the greatest rapper, but he also had one of the greatest personalities in the game, a quality that newer rappers are still trying to capture.

2. The Notorious B.I.G.




















The Notorious B.I.G. wasn’t playing when he called himself a rap phenomenon. Biggie’s not considered the best for no reason. His deft ability to effortlessly weave stories while coining new phrases that made an imprint on your mind like a Rhino on a memory foam mattress is enviable. It’s a talent many have sought to replicate. Take a look through Rap Genius and you’ll find more than a handful of rappers past and present who have lifted B.I.G.’s words to fit their narrative. And it’s not just Jay Z. half of rappers in the game have stolen lines from “Juicy.” And that’s just one song! In addition to the lyrics, Biggie implanted a sense of self-affirmation that is still alive and well today (remember: sky is the limit), and he made songs that speak to the ladies and to the streets in equal measure. Oh, and then there’s the flow. Forceful, nimble, and smooth as fuck. It’s the part of Biggie’s game that’s been copied nearly more than his actual bars.

3. Nas


Jay Z might have tried to snatch the King of New York crown with The Blueprint, but the blueprint for The Blueprint will always be Nas’ seminal classic Illmatic. Credited with nearly singlehandedly reviving the New York rap scene, Illmatic is still regarded as one of the best rap albums ever made. Nas is undoubtedly one of the living icon in the rap game today, it is a marvelous feeling to look at someone who went through the ups and the falls, but still managed to retain the crown. Sometimes has to be told, no one rapper alive can match up with Nas! Jay z is great, Eminem is the biggest, but Nas is the legend. Period!

4. Jay Z


Jay Z is the rap mogul, the real reason why rappers today takes this art seriously and incorporates business elements to the art form. Jay Z isn’t some Old no one respects anymore who should’ve hung it up two or three albums ago. He is indeed still the God MC, which is to say, your favorite (mainstream-aspiring) rappers would love to mold their careers in his image. But beyond showing us just how far hip-hop could take it—it being your personal brand, influence, and net worth—keeping things focused squarely on rap, Jigga man still runs this shit.

5. Eminem


While hip-hop has long been a big genre, nobody has redefined quite how big a rapper can be better than Eminem. The Detroit native rocketed to fame off the back of his 1999 smash The Slim Shady LP and never looked back. Since then he’s become the first rapper to win an Academy Award, the first to win the Best Rap Album Grammy for three consecutive projects, the first with two diamond-certified songs, the most-streamed artist of all time, and the list goes on. In fact, Eminem is one of the most highly cited influences for artists (both in and out of the hip-hop world) today. You can hear Eminem in the angry confrontations of Hopsin and Tech N9ne (and honestly most of Strange Music’s roster), and the crazed babbling’s of Danny Brown and Nicki Minaj’s alter-ego Roman Zolanski. Em’s massive success also brought hip-hop to a wider (and whiter) audience than ever before. For better or worse, the every man rhymes of successful white rappers like Macklemore, Yelawolf, Mac Miller, and even rap-influenced pop star Ed Sheeran probably owe a lot to his diversifying of hip-hop.


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