10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ice Cube

Here we decided to compile the lists of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ice Cube. The LA gangster rapper is undoubtedly one of the greatest MC of our time in his own right. Only few can match up with his raw skills and lyrical content. He served as a member of a hip hop group N.W.A, one of the greatest hip hop group of all the time. He are 10 things you  didn’t know about Ice Cube.

1. He began his career as a member of C.I.A before N.W.A

2. He has a successful film career

3. He served as a producer of the television series Barbershop and TBS are we there yet?

4. He is one of the founders of gangster rap

5. He ranked 8 on MTV list of greatest MCs of all the time

6. Snoop Dogg ranked him the greatest MC of all the time

7. His half sister was killed when he was 12

8. He first wrote his rap song in a ninth grade

9. In 2002 he joined Eminem  and Snoop Dogg for the Up In The Smoke Tour

10. He is the father to four children

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