50 Cent Says The Golden Globes Can Suck a D*ck

50 Cent says the Golden Globes can suck a d*ck, after realization that he was not nominated. The nominees for the 2017 Golden Globes were announced this morning, and though La La Land looks like it’s going to continue it’s streak of accolades, one name was suspiciously absent from the festivities: Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.


He’s an executive producer on the Starz show Power and also plays the character Kanan, and when he realized he didn’t get nominated for a Golden Globe, he took to Instagram to declare that he never wanted one of their stupid awards anyway.

50 Cent says the Golden Globes “can suck a dick,” and he even suggests that he might be done with Power after failing to get the recognition he thinks he deserves. This comes from Variety, which notes that he’s under an overall deal with Starz through September of 2018, so he’s probably stuck on Power for a while whether he gets any Golden Globes or not. Also, no offense to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but these are just the Golden Globes. It’s not like he missed out on an Emmy nomination or something. (50 Cent also did not get any Emmy nominations this year)

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