Bring Back Her Soul: Hip Hop

This article’s standpoints the overshadowed true mandate of hip hop, bring back her soul: hip hop. Few are chosen, while many are called, this statement also applies in the rap game. These days is hard to find the whole package of Emceeing in a rapper, though as I said, few are chosen. There are few Eminem’s and Jay z’s out there even though bunch of new school cats cites these hip hop masters as their biggest influences. The level of lyricism has decreased tremendously, to the extent that it feels pointless to the A list lyricist to continue crafting their itching and skillful realm of poetics.

The commercialization and corporation tend to in front profit making more than anything else. Sadly the art of rap which embodies elements such as wordplay, storytelling, rhyme schemes and many more, tend to be totally neglected. These breeds the descendant that don’t know where they come from, and where there are going. Every discipline has its roots, valued and tradition, likewise hip hop. These aspire generation’s A list duty is to go back to their roots and learn about their culture beforehand. Since there is this notion of similarities were one couldn’t distinguish if Future and Desiigner are identical tonal twins, young gunners should pave their own lane, however, learn from the best who ever did it!

Without any doubts, hip hop is a tool for explaining the complexities of daily life and speaking truth to power, channel to express one’s inner moments through art form. As a rapper, you have a power to change people’s lives, educate, inspire, relate etc. Concisely, hip hop is about giving back to the community whether it be knowledge, stories or foundations, it doesn’t matter. In this case we will be taking it back to the roots where it all begins. Once again, lets bring back her soul, since youngin’ thinking that you gotta sound like Future in order to make in the game. I wonder what  Nas had in mind when he made ” Hip Hop Is Dead ” records, however, not saying that J Cole, Kendrick and Chance are not pushing the movement forward, seemingly these days power is more significant than the art form.

This can also be witnessed through rap feuds, rapper who got little guap in their pocket suffers periodically. Significantly, rapper are measured by materials (money, Cars, Women etc), not by the level of talent or skills. Concisely, this article aims to bring back the fundamental of hip hop, poetry above anything else. Let’s go back to the roots, as always ‘do it for hip hop, and she will do it for you’.

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