“You Can’t Put Me In A Box,” Ma-E On His New Album

Ma-E recently released the visuals to his latest single “Ngawe” which he says was well received. The rapper opened up about his goals with the album and taking it back to his roots. “You Can’t Put Me In A Box,” Ma-E On His New Album.

"You Can't Put Me In A Box," Ma-E On His New Album
“You Can’t Put Me In A Box,” Ma-E On His New Album

Speaking on his latest single ‘Ngawe”s music video, Ma-E says he wanted people to see how creative he is artistically.

“I just wanted people to recognize how creative I am artistically. I’m just that guy, you can’t just put me in the box and I’m still going to come up with more with this album.

Ma-E says he’s taking it back to Soweto with his latest album “It’s going to be crazy, I’m taking it back to Soweto, I just wanted that Soweto sound more than anything.”

Ma-E says the album is doing great in the streets and revealed his goals for the album.

“People are calling telling how the album inspires them and how relatable it is. With this album I just want to sell maybe 50 thousand copies in Soweto only. I want people to listen to that album 30 years from now and say, “wow, that guy was good”,” he said.

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