Nasty C Tells Dr Malinga To Shut The F**ck Up!

Nasty C and Dr Malinga’s beef is certainly going up a notch. Earlier this week Dr Malinga responded to losing the Song of the Year award at the Metro FM Music Awards by claiming that Nasty C was a ‘pawn shop’ that took things that didn’t belong to him. Following that, Nasty C took to Instagram on Wednesday to post a video addressed to a hater seemingly in response to the shade.

The Hell Naw rapper did not however mention Dr Malinga by name but his references to his hater’s “green shorts up to his man boobs” and “pretending to kick down planes on stage” had fans guessing that there was only one artist on the rapper’s mind.

Well it seems that Nasty C was throwing major shade right there! LOL!

The rapper needed to get a few things off his chest and wasted no time in doing so with his Instagram video.

He started off by talking about his success

” So I’m up at 4am because I’m due on set at 5, shooting a music video. Shooting another one in another city tomorrow. I just shot 4 videos consecutively, 3 of which were part of a premier at Ster Kinekor. Before I even made February, I already dropped 3 songs this year.”

Then the massive shading came in

“And you are mad at me because I won something sir? You are like 103and you were green shorts up to your man boobs? and pink shoes and pretend to kick down a plane on stage.  You a f***ing gimmick, you are a publicity stunt. Let it go Cut the shit.”

Ouch! Ouch!

” How do your kids look up to you? Who the fuck looks up to you even? The kids of which world? Shut the fuck up and stop being a sorry ass and actually work half as hard as I actually do and maybe you’ll understand how to win”

Watch Nasty C Tell Dr Malinga To Shut The F**ck Up!


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