Bongani Said To Be Broke AF, Lying About 20 Million Pay Out

Bongani is said to be broke AF after lying about 20 million payout. Bongani Fasie opened up about how he had been paid R20 million for his mom’s estate and a lot of the members of the public were happy about the fact that the legends child was taken care off by her hard work.

A music boss of Bonang went to the press to talk about how he was called to help bail his friend out because he had failed to pay for rent. “He (landlord) phoned me and asked me to bail Bongani out, and when I said I don’t have the money he wanted, he said he would kick him out. I think he brought that unto himself.

“How do you publicly say you have R20-million and you don’t even feel like producing music because you are rich while you know that you are struggling? That boy has nothing, he has no car and has no house. The landlord has been phoning people who are close to him and asking them to pay for his rent,” said the music boss.

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