“I know women who are trash too” Says Kwesta About #AllMenAreTrash

“I know women who are trash too” says Kwesta about #AllMenAreTrash! The King of African Rap went into an interview where he was asked what he thinks about the #AllMenAreTrash movement and unlike a lot of celebrities he spoke his mind despite his opinion being the less popular one.

The bottom line is men are doing wrong things to women, it’s the world we have created. We have created a world were men do f*cked up shit to women. The interviewers said women are trash and Kwesta said, “I know women who are trash too.”

Dakar went on to compare the conversation to slavery saying, “We’ve been in slavery as black people for like, what, 500 years or whatever. And that’s like saying white people are trash and that’s it and saying no black person is bad.”

Check out the interview below:

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