5 Dream Collaborations That Will Never Happen In SA Hip Hop

Cassper and AKA? A-Reece and Nasty C? We can only dream! Lately it seems anything is possible in Hip Hop music. AKA and L-Tido who were rumoured to have a beef dropped a surprise track titled “Thixo” on us just a few days ago. In other words, when it comes to musical hookups, we have license to dream big.

To cut the story short, here are five SA Hip Hop Collaborations that would be majorly flawless, even if there’s slim-to-no chance that they’ll ever, ever, ever happen.

Cassper and AKA

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They are both industry giants and have received exposure internationall. AKA and Cassper been bringing most of the jams that we been getting “lit” to. These two both live in South Africa, but how come they haven’t been on a track together yet?

A-Reece and Nasty C

 Nasty C and A-Reece are new kids in the South African hip hop music industry, both the teenagers have been exceptionally and relevant in the industry since they were introduced to the mass. Their age, type of flows and punchlines and style automatically made them rivals in the eyes of the fans, as they were both compared and fans wanted to know who is better than who and who is still going to stay for long and maintain the levels. A track from the two will definitely be lit!

K.O and Cassper Nyovest

Remember that one time KO stated that he does not see a collaboration happening with Cassper Nyovest? It’s very unlikely from the looks of things.

Kid X and KO

Kid X and KO
Kid X and KO

Whilst these two has done some great songs together, Kid X and KO fell out in the recent years and we do not anticipate any future collaborations at all now that both artists are no longer affiliated.

Emtee and A-Reece

Emtee and A-Reece have already worked on some great music together but with them no longer on the same label we just can’t see any possibility of them working together again. Never mind the fact that Ambitious recently sued some of the artists who departed from the label.


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