Gigi Lamayne & Mabala Noise Go Separate Ways

Gigi Lamayne & Mabala Noise Go Separate Ways! The Female Pac has been on her grind for a while now and it’s pretty clear that she is destined greatness. Gigi Lamayne and Mabala Noise still have love for each other and ended things on a good note.

“We love you always . The future is bright, we wish you great things on your new journey. We are also truly humbled to have been part of your journey, you, the finest lyricist of our time. Tsela tshweu” said Mabala Noise.

“Thank you for believing in me, for nurturing me and engaging in my growth. We shall always remain brothers and sisters in a fight for the artist. I couldnt have picked a greater leader. Ngiyabonga to you especially . Power to the indie label and artist” said the rapper to the record label.

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