SA Rappers And Their Top 5 Fav Local Rappers Part 1

Hip Hop comes in many different types and styles especially in a country as diverse as South Africa where you have a rapper like T from The V on one end of the spectrum and have a rapper like iFani on the other. We got to compile a list of who the rappers favorite rappers in the game are:

1. Yanga’s Top 5 S.A Hip Hop artists


1. KO

2. AKA



5. KID X

2. Tshego Top 5 rappers in the game

Tshego (2)

1. KO

2. Cassper

3. AKA

4. Okmalumekoolcat

5. Reason

3. Soko’s Top 5 SA Hip Hop artists

Brian Soko1

1. Chad

2. Ko

3. Aka

4. Cassper

5. Ma-E

4. Morale’s Top 5 SA Hip Hop artists

Morale on the comeback


2. Khuli Chana

3. Aka

4. Tumi

5. Maggz

5. Gigi Lamaynes Top 5 SA Hip Hop Artists

Gigi artworki

1. Tumi

2. Proverb

3. Khuli Chana

4. Pro

5. Zakwe

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