Riky Rick Launches Cotton Club Records

Riky Rick Launches Cotton Club Records

Riky Rick Launches Cotton Club Records! Riky Rick joined forces with Sony to bring us the Cotton Club Records. The rapper recently launched the Cotton Club Records in association with RHTC which is a local retailer which stocks up local street wear.

Riky Rick made history with his street wear clothing label, Cotton Club Records. On the day that the label launched, fans pulled up to the launch making a record breaking line in South Africa for the longest line for any local retailer. Most of the people who attended the launch were the youth.

The launch went on well for the rapper with large numbers showing up for it last Saturday. It seems like the rappers fashion career keeps growing by the year. The Cotton Club Records launch was in Braamfontein where they targeted the younger population.

“WE MUCH STRONGER IN NUMBERS” #cottonclubrecords #rhtc

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