SA Hip Hop Fans React To AKA’s Tweets On Zuma’s Resignation

SA Hip Hop Fans React To AKA’s Tweets On Zuma’s Resignation! A lot of South Africans were glued to their TV’s on Wednesday night waiting to see President Zuma to announce his resignation, rappers and SA Hip Hop fans were no exception.

AKA tweeted on the day thanking President Zuma for stepping down after the announcement was made. He also portray some rather mixed feelings about it saying, “Sad to see him go. Eish But happy that we have shown the world once again that we live in a country where no man or woman is bigger than the movement”.

The rapper was soon to face a rather sarcastic crowd mocking him for being associated with Jacob Zuma and his party. “Bro weren’t u the one that said “lead us msholozi” and got paid to wear those Asinavalo Tshirts,” tweeted one fan.

AKA did not take long to reply and he left a mark. “You’re incorrect!!!!! …… they were actually super dope bomber jackets,” tweeted AKA. He was not alone as he had some fans on his side .

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