Vuzu Refuses Any Knowledge Of Flex Rabanyan’s Alleged Arrest

Vuzu Refuses Any Knowledge Of Flex Rabanyan’s Alleged Arrest! It is not long ago that Flex took to twitter the troubles that the car he won from Vuzu’s The Hustle brought him. According to Vuzu, they had no knowledge of his arrest.

The rapper blamed Vuzu and Opel saying that they set him up and left him out to dry.“Mr Rabanyane last made contact with the channel on the 14th November 2017, when he took delivery of his vehicle. At no point has he let us know that he has experienced problems with its registration. We have however alerted Opel to this matter so that they can assist in its speedy resolution,” was the statement Vuzu gave.

“Guys, what if this is a strategy to frustrate me? I noticed they don’t even play Ma-E’s song on Channel O just coz it features me,” tweeted Flex. Vuzu denied these allegations from Flex also saying that “Channel O does not ban artists under any circumstances. If there is a regulatory related reason why we cannot play a video, especially during the day, we always communicate this to the artist”.

“Further to that, as a company we always aim to support talent that has been unearthed on our platform, Channel O has no reason to ban Mr Rabanyane and we would welcome his music on the channel,” said the statement put out by Vuzu.

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