AKA’s New Deal With Cruz Vodka Is Unheard-Of

AKA's New Deal With Cruz Vodka Is Unheard-of

AKA’s New Deal With Cruz Vodka Is Unheard-of! “I mean damn 😭 For nearly two years you can’t even watch your team play on the weekend without seeing my face at half time,” bragged AKA about his endorsement with Cruz Vodka via his twitter account.

Cruz Vodka has decided to take it to the next level with their partnership with AKA to what’s more of an “Investment”. “Endorsement deals are not enough. It’s time to get it by the bottle 💸 Watermelon 🍉… by AKA. #BeamTeam,” tweeted AKA revealing the new Cruz Watermelon bottle with his name on it.

AKA went on to talk about how his partnership with Cruz Vodka has been fruitful for both sides. He thanked his fans for their undying support saying that they have made all his dreams come true.

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