SA Hip Hop Fans React To A-Reece’s New EP

SA Hip Hop Fans React To A-Reece's New EP

SA Hip Hop Fans React To A-Reece’s New EP! A-Reece is one of the most valuable rappers in South Africa right now with the moves that the young king is making. When the year began we saw Reece being featured on a number of singles but we had not yet heard any of his new tracks.

The rapper decided to drop a 3 track EP on his Birthday to celebrate it and state his presence in the game. The EP called GWAN BIG UP URSELF 2 ( YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ME SERIOUSLY) by A-Reece dropped this Tuesday morning which came to the fans unexpcectedly but has been getting a great response on Social Media.

A lot of his fans responded to the EP wishing A-Reece a happy birthday and sharing their thoughts on his short project. “No one is putting the work more than REECE in SA HIP HOP!!! FACT,” tweeted one fan who saw the work that Reece is putting in. A lot of the responses were positive

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