Cassper Explains Snubbing SAMA’s Comparing Them To BET’s

Cassper Explains Snubbing SAMA's Comparing Them To BET's

Cassper Explains Snubbing SAMA’s Comparing Them To BET’s! Cassper Nyovest and the SAMA’s have quite a long history, we have seen Cassper snub his chances at the SAMA’s a couple of times because he says he does not need them.

The rapper recently spoke about the matter in depth after he had just scooped his third BET nomination. According to Cassper, there a lot of things that he does not understand about the SAMA’s, like why the number of nominees in the category for Song of the year were cut down from 20 to just 10 nominees.

Cassper said that he has a lot of questions about the SAMA’s and does not understand them entirely. He went on to say that people should not expect him to snub the BET’s because he once said that Awards don’t define him because the BET’s have so much more to offer him, like a bigger market.

“I can’t submit the SAMA’s every year when I don’t understand, when we have questions that nobody has ever answered. We keep submitting and we say F the SAMA’s, but you keep submitting. So for me when I thought about it, you know what, I don’t need the SAMA’s, they don’t take me anywhere, they don’t expose me to anybody,” said Cassper.

He went on to say that “But interms of the BET’s, it’s a bigger market and I’m trying to grow so I’m not gonna try and be stupid and say because I said ‘Awards don’t define me so I’m not trying to win any award.”

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