‘It Changes Everything,’ Big Star On Having A Child

'It Changes Everything,' Big Star On Having A Child

‘It Changes Everything,’ Big Star On Having A Child! Big Star has been in the game for a few years but is already switching his style of music on a regular. The rapper has taken a rather mature sound in his music and has just revealed why that is.

He was recently interviewed on Absolute Hip Hop by Lootlove and DJ Speedsta were he revealed information about his upcoming album. When he was asked  what the name of the album is going to be, the rapper revealed that he might change the name to his daughters name.

“Something happened in my life that I want to share about…I am having a daughter. It is changing everything, mate. It’s a whole switch up in my mind,” said Big Star. He went on to say “all of a sudden, you’re a brand. It was a lot. But I have a really dope team.”

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