‘I Make Hits,’ Gemini On Why He’s Different From Other Artists

'I Make Hits,' Gemini On Why He's Different From Other Artists

‘I Make Hits,’ Gemini On Why He’s Different From Other Artists! Gemini Major is undeniably one of the most successful producers in South Africa when it comes to his catalogue of hits.

The producer has been on countless hits in the past and was recently working on one that seems to be a definite banger to most on Reason’s album. Reason recently posted a video of Gemini Major explaining the difference between him and most artists in the game.

Gemini Major was asked by Reason in a video posted by the rapper on Twitter what he does for a living and responded saying that he makes hits. The rapper then asked Gemini what other guys in the music industry do responded saying “You guys just make music. ‘And you?’ I make hits.”

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