Here’s A List Of Nasty C’s Endorsement Deals

Here’s A List Of Nasty C’s Endorsement Deals! Nasty C is one of the most influential Hip Hop artists in the country with a rather strong grip on the younger generation.

Although Nasty C is a young rapper in the game, he has bagged himself some of the most lucrative endorsement deals with international brands. The rapper clearly doesn’t go for any endorsement deals but the ones that are aligned with his image.

Nasty has bagged three major lucrative endorsement deals over the years with an international motor vehicle company and two well renowned clothing companies.


Nasty C is one of the few SA Hip Hop artists that have an endorsement deal under the major clothing company. He has done commercials for the company and is it’s face in South Africa.

Mercedes Benz

Nasty C’s endorsement deal with Mercedes Benz is a rather lucrative one. The rapper gets paid to drive cars that he is provided with by Mercedes Benz which see he rapper changing his car atleast twice a year.


The deal that Nasty C has with Redbat is one that he says to be close to his heart since he grew up wearing the company’s clothing. Now Nasty gets the chance to have his own merchandise with the fashion label distributed through Sportscene stores nationwide.


Nasty C was made he face of Axe in South Africa which is one of the rappers biggest endorsement deals.

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