Top 5 SA Hip Hop Songs On Radio Right Now

Radio Monitor has released yet again another statics of the South African songs that are most played on radio from all genres. On the list there are Hip Hop songs from various stables that are also at the top at the moment.

Here’s a list of Top 5 SA Hip Hop :

Tellaman Ft. Shekhinah – Whipped

Whipped is at number 2 on the charts and has been occupying the position for quite some time as the most played song on the radio. The single was released last year under Universal Music and has received over 214 plays overall on radio.

AKA Ft. Yanga Chef – Jika

AKA’s Jika Ft. Yanga is on number 6 released undr Beam Group ZA with 140 radio plays. The song also has over 1 million views on YouTube and is still under the list of the most trending songs released last year.

Riky Rick Ft. Mlindo – You And I

You and I was released just over few weeks back but has not only received raving reviews but radio air play with 101 plays overall standing at number 14 in a chart of 25 songs .

Boity – Bakae

Although Boity was accused to have stolen the song, it seems she is still owning it and has achieved so much with it by firstly making it to the second spot on Apple Music charts of Hot Tracks around the time it was released and has earned a radio play standing at the 18th spot with 45 airplay overall.

K.O Supa Dupa

Supa Supa isn’t only the first track get an air play in just few days of release but it is also one of the really few tracks to reach over 100 000 views on YouTube in just 5 days since it dropped, this dope track is standing at Number 19 on the Radio Monitor list released under Sony Music it has received 56 plays by far.

In the past most SA musicians complained so much about SA radios giving artists less air plays it got so heated that some even took it to the streets to protest. Judging by the Radio Monitor Statistics it is evident that their cry was well heard and tended to. Some artists though still feel left out and accuse others of Payola which is paying radio stations to play their songs- the issue is still much debated.

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