A Twar Brews Up Over Nipsey Hussen’s Alleged Past Homophobic Statement

While most people are mourning the death of Nipsey Hussen praising the best of him and the good he had done, others decided to share how the rapper once made a homophobic statement “so people of the LGTBQ+ community must not be expected to feel sympathy for his passing.”

The tweet caused a major twitter war amongst people who felt it was being unsympathetic to bring that one up at this sad time, others said that the fact he is no more it must not be overlooked the he was a “homophobic”

“It’s sad that the LGBT community is expected to feel sympathy towards Nipsey Hussle despite the fact that he’s homophobic, yet he’s never expressed any sympathy when gay people getting attacked or killed.” said a twitter user by the name of Fanta H.

A while ago Hussen posted an image of black men and captioned “These are real strong black men “no homosexuals, no abusers etc…” implying that gay black men aren’t real strong men.

The tweet received backlash but he came forward to make things clear, Read:

Here’s how the Twar brewed over :

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