Nadia Nakai & Priddy Ugly Get Sexy & Wild On ‘Uh Huh’ Music Video

In just a week since the release of the single Nadia Nakai and Piddy Ugly ‘Uh Huh’ come through with the visuals that are too interesting to look away from.

Looking clean and sexy the video sees the rappers in a white themed scene spitting bars to the screen that does justice to their good looks.Nadia didn’t shy away from showing off her sexiness in this one while money and booze splash around giving out that Uh huh vibe.

Considering that it hasn’t been long since they dropped the single the music video sure does look great with clean graphics, good outfits, interesting transitions of scenes and the effect it has of keeping one glued to the screen while jamming to the song.


Nadia Nakai is in a process of polishing up her upcoming album which fans are expecting like a drop of water in drought. Bragga hasn’t announced the release date yet but Uh Huh gives enough to conclude that she got some fire on the way.

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