The Big Hash Expose The OG’s Greedy Actions In The Industry

The Big Hash is one of the talented young rappers who are still climbing his way to the top and is winning at that. The rapper has dropped a number of singles and Mixtapes, and was even rumored to be collaborating with AKA on something.

Taking to twitter to share his views on OG’s greedy action in the industry, he spoke of how most of them have the tendency of co-signing young rappers and drop them if it doesn’t work too well only to come around when they at the height of their careers pretending as if they were there all the time.

“The problem with these industry OGs who give co-signs to the kids is that they’re only in it for themselves. If it doesn’t work out with one kid, they forget him and try find someone else. When the kid who was forgotten becomes something later, they act like they never left,” wrote the Hot Sauce rapper.

Tweeps assumed that the Hash was referring to Riky Rick on his statements since he was the one who got him into the industry.

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