WATCH: AKA And ProKid In Studio Before Money & Fame

DJ Sbu has shared an old video on his timeline of AKA and Pro Kid in studio seemingly working on some music. The video looks to be quite old because AKA doesn’t at all look anything like he does now.

On the 7 seconds video clip you see the rappers jamming to the song one of them must have been working on, they were joined also by radio host Kamza Mbatha. Pro Kid was signed to DJ Sbu’s stable TS Records, but around the time leading to his untimely death he had been distant in music and hadn’t released songs like before – it was well believed that he suffered from depression.

Despite all the news about how Sbu mistreated his artists including Zahara, he mentioned last year that he was willing to share all the earnings from Pro’s music to his family.

“In the music industry, if I get into a contract and I pass on, the company that signed me retains the right to keep the agreement between us as it was. So for example, if I and the company that signed me as an artist, agreed to a 25/75 split of whatever profits my music makes them even after I die the agreement still stands.

“So what it means to hand over the masters or the full (ownership) rights of Pro’s music to his family, it means we as TS records are declaring our standing contract null and void to institute a new contract that says that whatever profits Pro’s music makes from now on, a 100% of the profits belongs to his family,” he said speaking to TshisaLIVE.

As for AKA he did mention that he met Pro when he was a skinny colored guy with an American twang when he was paying tribute to him.

“I wanted to be an artist but at the time I was just a corky, know-it-all, skinny, coloured kid with an American twang,” he said.

“Me and Linda come from different worlds. He had no reason to uplift me. I used the studio sessions to soak up everything that I could, I looked at him and thought: ‘this guy is like something I’ve never seen before,” added Supa Mega.


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