A Debate Brews Up About SA Rappers Lacking Important Content & Imitating Americans

It is no surprise that in Hip Hop everyone holds a view of their own concerning the structure, style and vibe. Each day it is almost guaranteed that Hip Hop music fans will bump heads sharing their opinions on issues raised about the genre.

Hip Hop is a predominant genre that has a major influence on most people’s lives, which is why every talk about it is always a big talk. The debates are always fueled by the opinions people have which they tend to think of as facts by disregarding what those in opposition have to say, and for that reason it’s always war.

It is evident that SA Hip Hop has grown so much from the past years, the likes of HHP, Pro Kid and Skwatta Kamp did their best in paving a way in which SA Hip Hop is now going. One many argue that modern rappers threw away the authenticity of SA Hip Hop, as aforementioned in Hip Hop opinions are more common than facts.

On twitter Ntsiki Mazwa shared that SA Rappers imitate SA Hip Hop musicians a lot and that they fail to rap about real issues meaning they misusing the platform.

“We need rappers who rap about REAL issues affecting us….so they can fulfill their spiritual calling of giving us rhymes we can vent to……and thus express our emotions and therefore making us better souls.”

Her views as expected had many people throw around their thoughts on the state of SA Hip Hop and conscious rappers. Below are the views SA Hip Hop Fans had:

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