How SA Rappers Reacted To AKA Going Double Platinum

Earlier this week AKA accomplished yet another milestone of his career with his album of 2018 Touch My Blood going double platinum.

When he shared the news it seemed as through he wasn’t moved by this huge success that most rappers are still dreaming about, he said that : “I don’t mean to be ungrateful man, but TMB just went double platinum and I don’t really even give a proper fuck about it. That’s messed up.”

He then followed up by saying that he doesn’t wanna be famous anymore apparently it “sucks” , this was said a day before he was announced as one of the international acts nominated at the BETs 2019.

“Like, I really appreciate that y’all still fux with me but honestly, I don’t wanna be famous anymore. It totally sucks.” he adds that personally he has no idea what he is doing although professionally he is owning the game and killing. “Professionally I’m killing it … personally, i have no fucking idea what I’m doing.”

Putting aside all his social media rants most people were proud of him going double platinum including SA Rappers who expressed so on social media:

Here’s how How SA Rappers Reacted To AKA Going Double Platinum:

Aphelele Peyana

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