Nick Cannon Responds To Reports That Claimed He Cancelled Dr Sebi’s Doc Due To Death Threats

Nick Cannon clears up latest reports that claimed he was putting an end to a documentary he took over to complete initially started by the late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

During the time Nipsey was brutally shot on March the 31st he was working on a documentary about Dr Sebi who was executed by the Government in the 90′. It is believed that he was killed because he was working on the cure of the deadliest disease HIV/AIDS which has claimed millions of lives. The cure would’ve had a negative effect on the economy.

On Wednesday, Eric Holder who shot Nispey confessed that he was paid $75 000 by the government to kill him. “According to Holder, he was contacted by the Los Angeles Police Department who offered him the job of money he could not refuse if he could kill Nipsey. Holder stated that LAPD’s motive behind wanting Nipsey dead was unclear, and he did not bother to ask since his mind was fixed on the money.”

Nick Cannon took to Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute to Nispey making clear that he will continue with the documentary. Where you left off, we gonna carry one!”

Nick has even visited the family of Dr Sebi, although he hasn’t shared the details but he has proven he is putting in work to make Nipsey’s dream work become a reality. When the reports said he was backing down due to fear he laughed the news off calling them false and that he is still on the project.

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Oh “They” wish this was the truth!! Who made this dumb shit?! LOL #Fearless

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