Rouge Elaborates On Her Statement Of SA Hip Hop Being In Need Of Saving

Over a month ago Rouge tweeted that Hip hop isn’t in a good space and that the solidarity amongst rappers is slacking.

On her tweet the rapper expressed that rappers barely feature one another which is an indication that Hip Hop is far from being saved.

“Hip hop needs saving yey, we all need to reflect and come back cause it’s a desert out here. We barely even feature with one another these days or is it just me. Something’s up…Yea it’s time to drop,” she wrote

On a recent chat with Slikour the femcee said that the domination of Hip hop on radios, TVs and on a digital space has made rappers too comfortable to a point where they don’t realise what’s missing. She also tapped into aspects of Hip hop being more than about the lifestyle and how Hip Hop stars must work into providing music that’s more than just about climbing the charts.


The likes of Cassper, Areece and Luna Florentino have also shared their views on what Hip hop is lacking.

“You gotta have quality music, people can only move to what they relate to and i feel like that’s the problem with the industry that part has been diluted so much because of money. So it’s just about producing, producing, producing and seeing how good we can sell it. Instead of producing taking your time and seeing how long they gonna love it,” said Reece.

Aphelele Peyana

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