A$AP Rocky Reportedly Treated Like An Animal In Jail (Sweden)

US Rapper A$AP Rocky suffered an unfortunate fate this past weekend when he got arrested in Sweden as a result for a fight he got into while visiting the country.

According to recent reports by TMZ publication Rocky has been living under unpleasant conditions in the jail they holding him on.

A source closer to the situation claimed ASAP is living in solitary confinement on “disease-ridden” facility. He is reportedly sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets, eats an apple a day because the food isn’t edible and lives next to a mentally ill cellmate who bangs his head against the walls and throws around his own feaces, which no one cleans up.

The source claims Rocky asked for his obligatory meeting. Yet, once the official from the American Consulate arrived at the detention center, the meeting, like his appeal to the Swedish Supreme Court, was denied. Rocky met with the American Consulate two days later, but they reportedly weren’t allowed to meet in private.

XXL Magazine is currently looking to secure an interview with those work with the stars to get more clarity on his living conditions and if he will be released any time soon.

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