AKA Claims He Doesn’t Need Any Celebrity’s Support Because They Are “Fake Naaiers”

AKA Claims He Doesn’t Need Any Celebrity’s Support Because They Are “Fake Naaiers”. AKA is literally done taking into account people’s views about his work, he just made that one clear.

A fan of the rapper made a comment of how celebrities don’t seem to appreciate the rapper’s winnings in the game.

“I don’t see celebs congratulating @akaworldwide when he’s winning. But they always preach unity and supporting each other when it’s other Artists. It’s fine though. We are here for him,” wrote a fan.

AKA dismissed the comment by proclaiming that in all of his career he has made it to the top without the support of any celebrity and never needed it because they are fake naaiers.

“Who the needs celeb’s support? My career has never been reliant on celebrities coming to my defense or standing in support with me. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite and we’ve done just fine. Bunch of fake naaiers anyways,” wrote Supa Mega.

Recently the Beyonce hitmaker had his album levels go 7x platinum which is causing major debate on Twitter with fans finding it hard to believe that in 9 months the album reached 5x platinum since last year October where it was 2x certified platinum.

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