Social Media Drags Tyga For Calling Himself A “Light Skin Lil Wayne”

Social Media Drags Tyga For Calling Himself A “Light Skin Lil Wayne” . Tyga dropped a music video for his track titled Light Skin Lil Wayne where he impersonates weezy as means of paying tribute to him. In the music video the rapper portrays the classic scenes from Wayne’s past music videos of his hit singles.

Referring himself to the light skin weezy, Tyga gave people mixed feelings some laughing it all off and some finding offence into it– either way the music video is one of the biggest successes this week and is receiving more attention than most things on social media .

Tyga isn’t the only rapper who paid homage to the star he considers a GOAT also known as Lil Tunechi, Drake and J.Cole also shared their fondest tributes to the rapper. Drake took a moment to reflect on his wheezy legendary run by inviting his followers to share their favorite Weezy tracks as caption to an image of Weezy’s Young Money diamond chain.

J. Cole quoted some of Wayne’s bars, writing “momma gave me da swag I walk like da president,” an allusion to Dedication highlight “Momma Taught Me.”

As for Tyga he took it a bit too far and it was rather impressive, the video proved just how much Lil Wayne remains a GOAT.

Watch the video here:

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