Stogie T Reveals He Used To Be A Graffiti Artist & Shares His Work

Stogie T Reveals He Used To Be A Graffiti Artist & Shares His Work. Stogie T comes a long way into Hip hop and it seems his passion for the genre and its diversity can never be unmatched.

A curious fan asked if the rapper was in graffiti which came as a shock to many when he responded by saying yes. The Original Recipe rapper elaborated further that he was practising Hip hop on a much broader aspect which he referred to as multidisciplinary.

“Yup. I think back in the day Hip Hop was a multidisciplinary art form. You got in where you fit in. My tag name was INKONE,” he wrote captioning one of his graffiti works.

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Stogie is the man most young rappers look up to not only because of his skills and talents but his wisdom in the Hip hop game, he prides himself of spirit, brotherhood and originality hence his liking to the Doccie of Wu Tang which dropped last week.

“Man that Wu Tang Doccie is so heartwarming. That these brothers got themselves out of dire poverty through courage of spirit, discipline, originality and genius business acumen. The real powerful lesson though is how they can still look each other in the face after all the years.”

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