Tweezy on how AKA’s Levels Album Changed His Life After Dropping Out From School

Tweezy on how AKA’s Levels Album Changed His Life After Dropping Out. Tweezy is one of the people who played part in putting AKA’s album LEVELS into the perfection and success that it has become.

Tweezy produced three of the songs from the album Run Jozi, Sim Dope, All Eyes On Me. Taking to Twitter to share how proud he is that the album went 7x platinum he also mentioned how working on it gave him a big break.

“A life changing moment for a young broke high school dropout from Jabulani, Soweto. An experience and opportunity that produced a 7x Platinum Selling Classic. Now that’s Levels. Bless you forever @akaworldwide”

This comes after the rapper opened up about going through depression. “I’m currently going though what feels like the worst time of my life. My anxiety and depression is at its peak. I’ve decided to take some away from social media. I need to get myself together again.”

Fans and celebrities expressed their concern and love for him and he used the opportunity to thank them for their love and support.

“The love you guys are showing me is so overwhelming, I appreciate it so much. I live to inspire all those who are inspired.”

Aphelele Peyana

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