Black Twitter Drags Sjava For Dismissing A Compliment From A Fan

Black Twitter Drags Sjava For Dismissing A Compliment From A Fan. Sjava has been giving fans reasons to respect him and tread carefully when talking to him. This time around he might have struck a nerve on his fans because his attempt to be real with them landed in him hot water.

A fan paid the rapper a compliment stating that he is the best South African lyricist. Sjava mentioned that in SA you only considered a lyricist when you use the word ‘Yoh’.

For a while, the talk of Sjava being a rapper or not has been debated. Others highlighted that Hip hop is a vast genres, artists can be considered rappers even when they come with elements that vary from the typical sounds. Other argued that Sjava’s music cannot be classified as rap because it comprises so much of a pop sound.

“In South Africa you only a lyricist if you start your line with “YO”, ” he wrote. The post wasn’t well received by fans who felt that he was “arrogant” and “ungrateful” for not taking a compliment as it comes.

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