Did AKA Just Make Fun Of iFani?

Did AKA Just Make Fun Of iFani?. The talk of the Top 50 Rapper’s list continues to be the big talk in the Hip Hop industry. Each day since it made rounds on the internet rappers have been commenting about it.

AKA is known as someone who never holds his opinions back no matter the topic. This time around Supa Mega made comment about the Top 50 SA Greatest Rapper’s Of All Time list. He said something that was perceived in more than just one way by people. The list made no mention of iFani.

AKA and iFani have never beefed before but iFani had provoked Supa Mega in the past. The last time he said that AKA is inkwenkwe which translates to a “boy” .

iFani was once the most loved rapper in SA, he made a name of himself with hit records such Ewe, Ingoma Ezimnand and February to say the least. AKA’s comment might have been coming from a genuine place but he is known as someone who can rather be sarcastic, which is hard to tell.

“These lists are very disappointing ….. things just make no sense whatsoever. I mean, how the hell can you have a top 50 SA Hip Hop list without Ifani?,” wrote Bhova.

Over a month ago iFani highlighted that when he diss celebrities it is usually out of fun, nothing serious.

“It isn’t from a harmful place, it’s just fun to do, we are people who love to laugh. We call it ukugezelana. It’s a matter of saying something that is true but in a funny way.

“There was no malice behind my tweets. Yes, it may have been shade as far as tweeps are concerned but, for me, it was just fun. This applies to all my tweets from AKA to Cassper to Anatii. It was never that deep to be honest,” said iFani.

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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