“I idolize you,” Scoop to AKA

“I idolize you,” Scoop to AKA. Scoop made the list of celebrities who concurred with AKA’s statement about being the Greatest Of All Time by changing the game immensely.

Makhathini has made a name for himself in the industry for having a good ear for Hip hop. Scoop’s sentiments cause major debates but he always has facts to support him. The Hip hop presenter said that he idolizes AKA on a recent tweet praising him for changing the game.

“I am the reason you can in English,” wrote Supa Mega. “anybody who doesn’t agree with me can suck my d*ck,” he added. He also reminded people that he is the only rapper who has remained at the top for the longest time in SA hip hop. “I’ve had the longest run at the top in SA hip Hop industry.”

Scoop emphazised on his point that he did indeed groom and grow Hip hop.

“You revived this game when it was in a coma and had no money in it and no one looked at it as a commodity. You made everyone after you want to be a rapper and want to be you. And you still at the f*ckin pinnacle. You know very well how much I idolize you,” wrote Scoop.

Aphelele Peyana

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