K.O Finally Reveals What Can Be Expected From His Upcoming Album

K.O Finally Reveals What Can Be Expected From His Upcoming Album. K.O has been working on his third album, until today he didn’t mention much about it except that it will drop in September.

On the latest episode of his docu-series Vokals, the Cara Cara hit-maker lay out details on what fans can expect on his next offering. He also elaborates on what he meant when he said he is now ready to give people music that consist of a different style and sound.

Over the past weeks fans have been talking about how they wish K.O could drop music similar to the one he dropped on SR1 and SR2. Unfortunately or rather fortunately they will be getting something new and different from him this time.

On Vokals he explained what he has in store for all his curious fans. One can tell from the clip that K.O has something far more interesting to offer.

“The music isn’t just about dancing but I wanna touch people’s emotions. I wanna make stuff that people can meditate to, work out to and make love to. You’ll be getting a mass of all those things on this next album.

“I also want you guys to come into my world and actually see that it’s more than just talking but it’s actually my life and my energy he said.


Aphelele Peyana

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