K.O’s Highly Anticipated Love Song ‘If You Will’ With Nandi Madida Is Finally Here!

K.O’s Highly Anticipated Love Song ‘If You Will’ With Nandi Madida Is Finally Here. K.O has finally dropped his second single for 2019 titled If You Will alongside songstress Nandi Madida.

After 5 years since the release of their hit Skhanda Love the two artists merged up again to get people on their warm feels. The love song seem to have evoked the same feelings as Skhanda Love because the reactions are all love-filled.

At the time Nandi surprised people with her singing skills on the first single, some people questioned if she was a fit person for the song. It has now been confirmed that like any other artist the songstress is worthy and a super talented vocalist. If You Will allowed her to shine her abilities even more.

K.O on another hand joins with his ever lit bars and hooks which completes the song to the perfection that he is. He did mention on Vokals that he is set to drop music that will ponder a variety of emotions within people.

With Supa Dupa, the rapper flexed on his confidence and educated people on how Johannesburg is full of snakes – a figurative about conniving people who constantly betray you. Now he is making people fall in love.

If You Will is an appropriate song for both lovers and singletons, it has the power to fuel and build love.

Click here to download.

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