King Joe Enunciates Advantages Of Being A Xhosa Trapstar & Release Date For New Music

King Joe Enunciates Advantages Of Being A Xhosa Trapstar & Release Date For New Music. SA Hip Hop Mag once more had a chance to catch up with King Joe also known as a Xhosa Trapstar. This time around Joe shared a little more to give an idea of what it means to be an independent artist who traps in vernacular.

While most artists prefer kicking off their careers tied to record labels, Joe planned on riding solo. His reason was rooted on how musicians often get used by labels.

“I learnt from the mistakes of those that came before me. Independence gives me complete control over my craft and revenues. People die broke because of Record Labels,” he said.

It is every artist’s reality to go through advantages and disadvantages, Iswekile star highlighted his. “The biggest advantage is being different and unique, while the disadvantage is delivering my music in a language that isn’t understood by all South Africans.

I have my own bedroom studio where I make my own beats. I also mix and master all my songs myself… i do everything by myself, that’s both an advantage and disadvantage,” he adds.

Taking it back in time Joe let us in on how he developed an interest of the genre, his musical idols and where he sees himself in 5 year’s time.

“I grew up listening to Spaza Music (Xhosa Rap) and also international trap music. So I wanted to fuse both styles and make a new sound, hence, Xhosa Trap. My biggest inspirations are Lil Wayne, Travis Scott ; these two introduced me to hip-hop and trap music,” he adds.

King dropped an album last year November titled 6/11 consisting of 14 songs including the features of Mnqobi Yazo, Skhindi and Teeno to say the least.

Furthermore, he has a new project on the works – an EP of 6 songs titled “Trap Kumkani” set to drop on the 6th of November 2019. The EP has a song titled Ezlalini which he claims to be his favorite.

“I think I’ve outdone myself with that song, it sounds international and local at the same time,” he states.

Peeping into his future goals the rapper sees himself obtaining international awards and living large.

“I see myself in a mansion in 5 years time, looking at my BET Award amongst other accolades coming my way. I should be running a successful Record Label as well,” he concludes.

You can stream and download King Joe’s 6/11 album HERE.

Watch his music video of Iswekile below:

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